Welcome to the 17th Systems-Centered Annual Conference!

April 9–15, 2016 • San Francisco

Who’s In Charge? Dominance, Submission and Cooperation
at Work and at Home

We are very pleased to welcome you to a unique opportunity for all of us working in organizations, in education, as therapists or for those who are curious about SCT to meet and learn together in San Francisco, California, U.S.

Systems-Centered Training (SCT) offers leading edge methods for organizational development, education, and therapy with groups, individuals and couples. SCT is a theory-based approach. The theory develops as the methods are tested out in practice and through an ongoing research program. The focus of the 2016 Annual Conference is exploring this process and learning together. The weekend Institute and 5-day Conference offer a wide range of training groups, interactive workshops and a large group experience.

Attendees will learn to:

  • Apply systems-centered theory
  • Discriminate and integrate differences as a way to solve conflicts and deepen communication
  • Reduce restraining forces to change which frees energy and stimulates curiosity and creativity
  • Shift from a focus on the self to a systems-centered perspective



Conference 2016 will focus on the conscious application of theory in our various practices. Our hope is that the Theory of Living Human Systems will support your development and you will discover something new in yourself and in your work.

Rowena Davis, Mike Maher, and Norma Safransky
2016 Conference Co-Directors