Welcome to the 17th Systems-Centered Annual Conference!

April 9–15, 2016 • San Francisco

Who’s In Charge? Dominance, Submission and Cooperation
at Work and at Home

Welcome to Conference 2016.

We’re looking forward to a lively exploration of dominance, submission and cooperation in our work contexts and at home.

The weekend Institute and 5-day Conference offer a wide range of training groups, interactive workshops and a large group experience in which we can explore our tendencies towards compliance, defiance and cooperation.

Expect to:

  • Apply Systems Centered Theory to understanding giving and taking up authority
  • Explore what happens when we go compliant and when we go defiant
  • Weaken what stops us owning our own authority and cooperating with ourselves and others
  • Shift from focusing on personal reactions to authority to curiosity about how the context triggers these reactions and the information held in them

Our hope is that we can co-create an open and fun climate that allows us to discover new learnings for ourselves and for our work.

Rowena Davis, Mike Maher and Norma Safransky

2016 Conference Co-Directors