Applying SCT in Organizational Development

SCT offers a systems view of organizations. The theory, concepts and tools can be applied in organizations to help groups and individuals manage conflicts and meet their goals.

Key Concepts

Below we describe some of the key concepts as they apply to organizations. For more information, consider exploring SCT training opportunities under the "Training" tab above.

  • Role, Goal & Context

    SCT introduces the idea of “role, goal and context.” Each context, like a particular meeting or team, has a goal. Each member of the meeting has a role. As one changes context, the goal changes and so does one’s role. By attending to their goals in a given context, individuals, teams and organizations find it easier to be clear about the role responsibilities and behaviours needed to reach the goals. Try this for yourself. Read more...

  • Phases of System Development

    The phases of system development serve as a map for coaches, consultants and leaders to guide their work with teams. Each phase has a predictable pattern of communication that moves the team forward as well as those communication patterns that prevent the team from developing and getting their work done. Read more...

  • Think Systems, Not Just People

    "Organizational behavior is more heavily influenced by the system that has been developed in the organization than it is by any of the individuals that are working within it." ('Overview of the Theory of Living Human Systems and its Systems-Centered Practice' in 'SCT in Action', edited by Susan P Gantt & Yvonne M Agazarian, Karnac 2006:2) Read more...

  • Integrating Different Perspectives and Resolving Conflicts

    SCT introduces a method that helps group members explore multiple facets of a given topic without getting stuck in debates that so often characterize organizational meetings. Read more...

  • Organizational Development Training

    Start with organizational development (OD) training or with a Foundation level group. An important premise in SCT is that you become fluent using the methods with yourself before you start applying them with others. For more information, consider exploring SCT training opportunities under the "Training" tab above.

  • Additional Reading

    See the Organizational & Educational Readings page under Readings on this website.