at The Wesley. 81-103 Euston St. London

8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Systems-Centered & SAVI Workshops

With Susan Gantt, Fran Carter, Rowena Davis.

For Consultants, Managers, Leaders, Clinicians & Curious People

3 Training Tracks: Clinical, Organizational & SAVI

June 10-11: Working with Differences - Building a Systems-Centered System (Led by Susan Gantt)

June 10-11: Giving and Receiving SAVI Feedback (Led by Fran Carter & Rowena Davis)

June 12-13: Making Work Roles Work (For Us and for Our Organisations)(Led by Susan Gantt)

Container training is available to members who have completed Intermediate Skills Training. Contact Madeline O'Carroll (leader) if you are interested or have questions.


Susan P. Gantt, Ph.D. (

Susan Gantt, PhD., is Director of the System-Centered Training and Research Institute and a licensed SCT practitioner, based in Atlanta, USA. She consults and trains internationally and coordinates group psychotherapy training for Emory University School of Medicine. She has co-authored several texts with Yvonne Agazarian and has written about emotional intelligence in organisations and phases of development in organisational work groups.

Fran Carter, LSW (

Fran Carter, LSW, is a licensed SCT practitioner and senior SCT and SAVI trainer. She is a founding member of the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute and is a principal in SAVI Communications. Fran is based in Philadelphia, USA and consults with and trains individuals, groups and organisations internationally.

Rowena Davis, MSc, BSc (Econ), Dip M, FCIM, MMRS (

Rowena Davis, MSc, BSc (Econ), Dip M, FCIM, MMRS, is an organisational consultant based in London working with private, public and not-for-profit organisations internationally. Her areas of expertise are coaching individuals and teams to improve communication and performance, leadership development and strategic marketing. She is a licensed SCT practitioner and a certified SAVI trainer.

Madeline O'Carroll, MSc (

Madeline O’Carroll, MSc, has 30 years experience as a mental health nurse and continues to work clinically as a therapist with people with psychosis. She is a qualified teacher and lectures in a UK University. She has extensive experience of developing and delivering education and training for mental health staff including nurses and psychologists. She has been training in SCT for 11 years and has also facilitated workshops exploring the application of SCT in educational contexts and groups at national and international conferences.