Meet the Trainers

Yvonne M. Agazarian, Ed.D., CGP, DFAGPA, FAPA, developed the Theory of Living Human Systems; founded the Systems-centered Training and Research Institute and works as a therapist, consultant and trainer in Philadelphia. She has introduced the innovative method of goal-oriented Functional Subgrouping which requires people to build on the similarities between them rather than emphasizing their differences. She is clinical professor in the Adelphi postdoctoral group program. She gives presentations and seminars on the Systems-centered approach nationally and internationally. She was awarded the Group Psychologist of the Year by the American Psychological Association in 1997 "For expanding our knowledge of the boundaries between clinical and social psychology with the investigation of living human systems and systems-centered group and individual therapy. Her considerable body of work illustrates the highest blend of creativity and learning.”

Email:, phone: (215) 561-7428

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