Membership Information

Membership in SCTRI is an opportunity to join a community of people working to learn and use systems-centered methods. Members also have the opportunity to contribute to continually creating SCTRI itself, an organization that holds the values and the spirit of the SCT approach to facilitating change in living human systems – ourselves, clients in psychotherapy or consultation, organizations we live and work in. As an organization that runs on the energy of volunteers, SCTRI provides the opportunity to participate in action groups, learning to use systems-centered methods and techniques to get work done. As members of SCTRI we are continually creating the system that supports what we are learning!

Please note that you do not have to become a member of SCTRI in order to register as a user on our website. If you are curious about SCT and would like to learn more, please use the 'register' link in the top-right corner of your screen.

Membership Benefits

  • Invitation to online large group meetings run by Susan Gantt and Mike Maher
  • Invitation to online events hosted by the SCT Training and Resource Center
  • Participation in SCTRI action groups
  • Free monthly drop-in study group on Zoom
  • Ten-minute free consultations with other members
  • Lower fees for the annual conference and training groups
  • Work exchange (WEX) opportunities to reduce fees for annual conference and training groups
  • Bi-annual Newsletter & E-News
  • Access to the Members section of SCTRI website (this includes membership directory, training materials, minutes of action groups)
  • Ability to move to the Intermediate level of training
  • Ability to move to the Advanced level of training and licensing as an SCT Practitioner
  • Opportunity to apply for a project license to use the SCT trademark

If you want to join SCTRI as a new member, please use our membership application form to apply for membership.

Membership Application & Renewal Form

If you are an existing SCTRI member & want to renew your membership you can now do so online and pay with PayPal using the form below.

The membership year runs February 1 - January 31.

Introductory New Member Rate $125    Full-Time Student $50    Renewal $200

Membership is available to anyone who wants to join. Dues are "more if you can, less if not" depending on your resources. You are free to decide what is affordable for you.

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