Introduction to SCT Training

Learning to build a systems-centered system – classroom, group, organization, psychotherapy – requires that we learn about managing ourselves first, so that what we say or do contributes to developing the kind of system we want to work or live in.

Experiences Applying SCT from Systems-Centered Training on YouTube.

Systems-Centered Training Locations Worldwide

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Training Contexts

SCT Training can be taken in several contexts:

Annual SCT Conference offers systems-centered training at all levels, as well as a variety of workshops relating SCT to different contexts.

SCT Workshops are offered in person and online, initiated by SCT Trainers and Licensed Practitioners. Most include some theory and experiential work, and many focus on applying SCT in different settings.

Online Training Events are held on Zoom. This has proven a very rich and vital way for our disparate community to come together to explore both theory and applications.

Ongoing SCT Training Groups meet regularly, usually weekly or monthly. These groups include orientation to systems-centered theory and methods, and experiential work, which focuses on using systems-centered techniques to build a group within which members can explore their experience.