Mon Sep 14 2020 - Fri Sep 18 2020

(14 Sep 2020 9:00 AM - 18 Sep 2020 5:00 PM )

York Annual Systems-Centered Training Week - Zoom

SCT Workshop with Fran Carter , Rowena Davis , Susan P. Gantt , Ray Haddock , Juliet Koprowska , Annie MacIver , Mike Maher , Madeline O'Carroll
Contact: Workshop Administrator

For Consultants, Managers and Therapists


Event Details

This year’s York training will be held online. We are enthusiastically offering shorter versions of three familiar trainings – and two new and different opportunities.

Online via Zoom - 14 – 18 September 2020

Online Registration & Details on the SCTUK website

September 14 - 15

Foundations of Systems-Centered Training - Led by Rowena Davis & Madeline O'Carroll
For those new and curious about SCT, as well as those with previous SCT experience
• The group will learn about SCT theory, practise skills and work as an experiential group. We will use functional subgrouping to explore differences instead of reacting to or scapegoating them. Please assess yourself to ensure this is a good time for you to participate in an experiential training.
• Places limited, sign up soon!

SCT Intermediate Skills Training Part I - Led by Ray Haddock & Juliet Koprowska
For those who have met the learning goals for foundation training
Membership of SCTRI is required for intermediate training
• Members will practise applying SCT protocols with others and learning the theory that each protocol implements in a given context. This online training is Part I. Part II will be offered as a separate event at a later date. Both parts are necessary to meet the curriculum requirement for Intermediate Skills Training. • By application only. If you are considering this step, contact Ray Haddock to discuss criteria and application process by 31 July 2020.

Working with Survivor Roles in SCT - Led by Mike Maher
For members working at Intermediate level
• The group will work with inner-person survival roles that emerge in the authority phase of system development. We will practise using the basic role protocol to undo these roles and place the experiences that emerge in a theoretical context, using the person-as-a-system map to guide our explorations.
• Participants should be able to subgroup, explore their roles in depth while containing the emotional experience that this work generates and staying related to the context.
• By application to Mike Maher (application on SCTUK website)

Systems-Centered Leadership: What it is, How we do it and What it offers - Led by Fran Carter & Annie MacIver
For members who have completed Intermediate Skills Training and beyond
• This training explores how leaders, consultants, clinicians, educators or members can take leadership to build an SCT context. We will focus on putting theory into practice to inform leadership interventions when building an SCT system.
• Participants will practise: getting started, monitoring communications at the boundary and introducing functional subgrouping, while using actual case examples.

September 16 - 18

Large Group - Led by Susan Gantt, Fran Carter & Ray Haddock
Open to everyone interested in applying SCT in a large group context, and can be taken in combination with any of the two-day workshops or as a stand-alone
• The goal of this large group is to develop the inter-person system using functional subgrouping so that the large group can emerge itself and what it contains as a social context with both survival and transformational goals.


Fran Carter LSW
Fran is a licensed SCT practitioner and SCT & SAVI trainer. She is a founding member of the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute and is a principal in SAVI Communications. Fran is based in Philadelphia, US and consults with and trains individuals, groups and organisations internationally. She is the Co-Developer of the SAVI Certification Program.

Rowena Davis MSc
Rowena is an organisational consultant working with private, public and not-for-profit organisations internationally, coaching individuals and teams, and facilitating change and leadership development. She runs SCT and SAVI trainings in the US and Europe. She is a licensed Systems-Centered practitioner, a certified SAVI trainer, a Director of SCTUK and a member of the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute Board.

Susan P. Gantt Ph.D.
Susan is Chair of the System-Centered Training and Research Institute. She consults and trains internationally and previously coordinated group psychotherapy training for Emory University School of Medicine’s psychiatry department for 29 years. She has co-authored systems-centered texts with Yvonne Agazarian, co-edited the first book on interpersonal neurobiology and groups, and has written about emotional intelligence and phases of development in organisations, teams and work groups.

Ray Haddock MBChB, M.MedSc, FRCPsych
Ray is a licensed Systems-Centered practitioner, a Director of SCTUK, a member of the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute Board of Directors and of the Board of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy and of the Institute of Group Analysis. He spent many years as a medical psychotherapist in the NHS as a therapist and training psychiatrists in therapeutic skills. As a Systems-Centered practitioner and trainer he undertakes training, consultation, personal development, mentoring and therapy in the UK and internationally.

Juliet Koprowska MSW
Juliet has extensive training in Yvonne Agazarian’s Theory of Living Human Systems and its Systems-Centered practice. She is a Director of SCTUK and a member of the Board of Directors of the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute. Formerly a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of York, she now works independently, co-leading systems-centered groups in the UK and the US and offering individual and group mentoring. She is author of Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Social Work, published by Sage.

Annie MacIver MA
Annie is an organisational consultant, trainer, and coach working in the public and private sectors. She has applied SCT to build effective teams and partnerships as a senior leader in large public sector organisations. She is a licensed Systems-Centered practitioner, a Director of SCTUK and a member of the SCTRI Board. She has an MA in Consultation and the Organisation and is a qualified Social Worker.

Mike Maher MA, PGCE
Mike is a psychotherapist, trainer and organizational consultant. He is Director and Board member of the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute, a Director of SCTUK and a licensed Systems-Centered Practitioner. He leads three ongoing SCT training groups and has led SCT trainings and organisational interventions in many international contexts. He was Deputy Director in a Therapeutic Community and subsequently he has developed a specialism in working with staff who work with adolescents and adults characterized by their challenging natures. He has written papers and book chapters on working with staff groups, organizational issues in mental health reform and managing self-harm behaviours, and has presented at many national and international conferences.

Madeline O'Carroll MSc, PGDip, RMN
Madeline O’Carroll is a licensed Systems-Centered Practitioner. She has worked in mental health for thirty years as an educator and clinician. Madeline is a qualified teacher with extensive experience of designing, developing, delivering and leading educational and training programmes. Her groupwork experience includes facilitating therapy groups for people with psychosis, groups to support mental health nursing students process the impact of their work and SCT training groups in the UK and US. She also works as a mentor and coach. Madeline is a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing at a London university and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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