Stockholm, Mon Aug 29 2022 - Tue Aug 30 2022

(29 Aug 2022 9:00 AM - 30 Aug 2022 5:00 PM )

Stockholm Systems-Centered Workshop

SCT Workshop with Erika Ekedal , Sven-Erik Viskari
Contact: Erika Ekedal

For Clinicians, Consultants, Leaders, Educators & Curious People

Venue Track(s) Level(s)
Klara Södra Kyrkogata 20
Clinical|Organizational|Theory and Basics Open to All Levels

Event Details

Building a Systems-Centered Group
Led by Erika Ekedal & Sven-Erik Viskari
Workshop language: Swedish
09.00- 17.00 (Central European Summer Time)
A two-day workshop with experiential training, theory and practice of SCT skills, for those quite new to SCT and those who want to develop their ability to build a climate of trust as well as openness to differences. It is a human challenge to integrate differences instead of avoiding or polarizing them. SCT methods offer a way to contain conflicting experiences and perspectives, so that they can be explored, integrated and used to fuel development.

Participants will learn:
• Functional Subgrouping – a communication method for differentiation and integrating differences
• Modifying some of the restraining forces to change
• Finding the fork-in-the-road between explaining reactions and exploring them
• Noticing the pull to familiar old roles like one-up/one-down
• Exploring the shift from Person to Member in early stages of group development

Registration Fees:
Before 20 May:
4800 SEK + V.A.T. 25%
From 20 May:
5200 SEK + V.A.T. 25%
Members of the Swedish SCT Association get 5% discount
Last date to register: 25 July
Sponsored by the Swedish SCT Association (Svenska SCT®-föreningen)

Online Registration & Details on the Swedish SCT Association website


Erika Ekedal MSc.
Erika is a licensed psychologist, working as a councellor and consultant with individuals, groups and organizations She has arranged many international SCT workshops, co-coordinated the first SCT conference in Europe and taught Leadership and Organization Development at Karolinska Institutet. Erika is a licensed SCT Practitioner since 2007, runs regular SCT training groups in Sweden, and is the initiator of the Swedish SCT Association.

Sven-Erik Viskari BA
Sven-Erik is a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist. Today his professional life is a mix of clinical and organisational development work. He is a licenced Systems-Centered Practitioner since 2007, has run regular SCT training groups in Sweden, and has for many years also taken the role of workshop leader and co-leader in the yearly US SCT conferences. Previously a long-term board member of both the Swedish SCT Association and Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute.