München (Schwabing), Sat Feb 24 2024 - Sun Feb 25 2024

(24 Feb 2024 9:30 AM - 25 Feb 2024 5:30 PM )

SCT Introductory Training - Germany

SCT Workshop with Lotte Paans , Dan Tuffy
Contact: Birgit Wolff

Venue Track(s) Level(s)
Saarstraße 5
München (Schwabing)
Clinical|Organizational Open to All Levels|Foundation Level

Event Details

SCT is an experiential, body-oriented and inter-personal conflict resolution method where differences and our reactions to them are explored rather than acted out, so that the individual, subgroup, and group-as-a-whole can survive, develop and transform. Central to SCT is ‘Functional Subgrouping’; the core method of SCT which is a communication method based on connection with oneself and others.

In our everyday interactions, we can easily get caught-up over differences. When this happens, communication becomes difficult and the ability to collaborate can stagnate. Through the SCT lens we view this from a larger perspective than “just me” and as we learn to see ourselves and the group as part of a system that has an influence on us, we can begin to take things less personally. Once this happens, we create a climate in which exploring and identifying the underlying dynamics becomes possible. This can bring about sustainable change, within ourselves and others.

The training will be run in English, however members are free to speak German in order to express themselves more clearly.

Fee: € 400,-

Registration: Contact Birgit Wolff


Lotte Paans
Lotte Paans (ir) is a Licensed SCT Practitioner, co-founder and chair of SCT-Nederland, member of the SCTRI Systems-Centered Training Research Institute and works as a (international) trainer, (team) coach, consultant and (couples) therapist.

Dan Tuffy
Dan Tuffy is in SCT leadership training, is a member of the SCTRI and works as a (youth) coach, consultant, (couples) therapist, trainer and musician.