Welcome to the 17th Systems-Centered Annual Conference!

April 9–15, 2016 • San Francisco

Who’s In Charge? Dominance, Submission and Cooperation at Work and at Home

Systems-Centered Training gives us a unique opportunity to learn about the nature of human systems, how they develop and move toward their goals, and how then we can choose to behave in ways which support system development. Vital to this development is an awareness of our relationship to our internal and external authorities. At this conference we look forward to a lively exploration of the nature of living human systems, including dominance, submission and cooperation in our work and home lives.

The Weekend Institute and 5-day Conference offer a wide range of training groups, interactive workshops and a large group experience. Expect to:

  • Experience how the method of functional subgrouping changes how groups typically deal with differences
  • See how the world is different when we see systems rather than just people
  • Explore what happens when we go compliant and when we go defiant
  • Shift from focusing on personal reactions to authority to curiosity about how the context triggers these reactions and the information held in them

Our hope is that we can co-create an open and fun climate that allows us to discover new learnings for ourselves and for our work.

Rowena Davis, Mike Maher and Norma Safransky - 2016 Conference Co-Directors