SCT Center

Welcome to the Yvonne Agazarian Training and Resource Center.

We invite you to read about our sponsored events below and look for our video commemorating the work of Yvonne Agazarian, Seeing the System, Not Just People, at the bottom of this page.

If you are looking for a brief introduction to SCT, see Tori Olds' video below.

The SCT Center currently sponsors the following groups on Zoom, free for SCTRI members. Advanced registration is required for each group. Register through the email invitation or by contacting Kathy Lum. If you are not a member and would like to attend, you can join SCTRI. Learn more about SCTRI membership and join.

Large Group - Led by Susan Gantt & Mike Maher

Connecting in a virtual context that allows the full membership to attend. A space where SCTRI members meet and explore together, using functional subgrouping to emerge the group’s goal.

2024 Dates: Mar 5, May 7, Sep 24, Dec 10
Each group meets for 1 hour starting at 12:30pm ET

Drop-In Study Group - Led by a Licensed SCT Practitioner

A place where members interact around questions, ideas, curiosities, and areas of interest about a Theory of Living Human Systems and systems-centered methods and techniques.

Dates: Third Friday of each month (except August)
Each group meets for 55 minutes starting at 12:00pm ET

The SCT Center is a brick-and-mortar training and resource center as well as the “virtual” arm of SCTRI. The SCT Center reflects the mission and values of the organization, taking systems-centered theory and methods across the boundary to the wider community.

The Center offers a spacious high-quality environment, housing Yvonne’s library and archives, has internet and audio-visual equipment, and provides rooms for members to run workshops, seminars, meetings, trainings, see clients, write and do research. The SCT Center is also available for virtual work groups, zoom training groups, individual and group consultation, and workshops.

The Center is located at 2401 Pennsylvania Ave., Unit 1A4, Philadelphia, PA 19130.
Visits are by appointment only (for now). Contact Taylor Malone to arrange a visit.

The Directors of the Center are Annie Maclver and Fran Carter. Their role is to develop the Center to support the education and training elements of the SCTRI mission, vision and values. Annie and Fran are supported by an operational team:

  • Taylor Malone – Center Coordinator. Taylor schedules pre-approved use of the Center and manages in-house day-to-day operations.
  • Kathy Lum – SCTRI Admin. Kathy manages the financial and legal aspects of the Center.
  • Kirk Larson – Financial Planner. Kirk supports the Center’s financial planning.


Members have access to a calendar of available dates and times that the Center can be booked for consultations, groups, events and research. Use will be pre-approved by Center Co-Directors and all fees will be discussed during scheduling.

For additional questions about Center uses or scheduling, please contact Taylor Malone.

Videos - What is SCT?

Shown here with the kind permission of Tori Olds, PhD

Video: Seeing the System, Not Just People