SCT Center

Welcome to the Yvonne Agazarian Training and Resource Center.

The SCT Center is a brick and mortar training and resource center as well as the “virtual” arm of SCTRI. The SCT Center reflects the mission and values of the organization, taking Systems-Centered theory and methods across the boundary to the wider community.

The Center offers a spacious high-quality environment, housing Yvonne’s library and archives, has internet and audio-visual equipment, and provides rooms for members to run workshops, seminars, meetings, trainings, see clients, do research and use for writing. The SCT Center is also available for virtual work groups, zoom training groups, individual and group consultation, and workshops.

The Center is located at 2401 Pennsylvania Ave., Unit 1A4, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

Visits are by appointment only (for now). Contact Taylor Malone to arrange a visit.


  • Virtual meeting and training resources
  • Consult, reading, writing room
  • Small and large group rooms
  • Media and Research room - SCTRI library
  • Kitchen (stovetop, dishwasher and small appliances)
  • Ensuite Restroom

The Directors of the Center are Annie Maclver and Fran Carter. Their role is to develop the Center to support the education and training elements of the SCTRI mission, vision and values. Annie and Fran are supported by an operational team:

  • Taylor Malone – Center co-ordinator. Taylor schedules pre-approved use of the Center and manages in house day to day operations.
  • Kathy Lum – SCTRI admin. Kathy manages the financial and legal aspects of the Center.
  • Kirk Larson – Financial Planner. Kirk supports the Center’s financial planning.


Members have access to a calendar of available dates and times that the Center can be booked for consultations, groups, events and research. Use will be pre-approved by Center Co-Directors and all fees will be discussed during scheduling.

For additional questions about Center uses or scheduling, please contact Taylor Malone.