Susan Gantt

Systems-Centered Training
 Annual Conference

March 13-19, 2021 

In a Different World:
Dealing with Differences Differently

SCTRI is presenting this online conference through its
Training and Resource Center

Mike Maher


Our world has seen enormous and disruptive change affecting individuals, families, communities and nations as a whole. In this light, at the 2021 Systems-Centered Training Annual Conference, we will explore how human systems respond to difference and how SCT’s theory-driven perspective provides interventions for growth and development of those systems.

At a neurobiological level, novelty – difference – can evoke curiosity. If the difference is too different, as in our world today, it arouses fear and anxiety. This hard-wired response, while useful in keeping us alert to changing conditions, keeps us from engaging with differences. Instead, we may fight with differences or try to keep them out or get depressed about them. When faced with change, having curiosity and exploring small differences helps systems grow and develop. As differences are integrated, adaptation occurs in every aspect of life, from grocery shopping, social interactions, how we meet with clients, work in our communities and how we work in the virtual world.

The focus of the 2021 SCT Conference will be practical methods for ourselves and our clients to work with differences.

Expect to:

  • See how the world is different when we see systems rather than just people 
  • Learn skills, methods and practical tools to support collaboration so that groups can achieve their goals
  • Experience how the method of functional subgrouping changes how groups typically deal with differences
  • Learn how to recognize and work with group dynamics as they arise, and how to contribute to the development of a well-functioning group
  • Experience protocols to reduce anxiety and tension and work productively with frustration, all of which are a natural part of any group


Our goal is to co-create an open and fun climate that allows us to discover new learnings for ourselves and for our work.

This Conference is open to professionals in the fields of mental health, organizational development, education, pastoral care and to those who wish to explore.

Please note that many trainings in this Conference are experiential and some participants may find these challenging. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact Dayne Narretta at

Janneke Maas, Dayne Narretta, Jane Steinberg, and Debbie Woolf
2021 Conference Co-Directors