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Patricia Aerts BA Member Since 2014

Disciplines: Organizational, Team & Individual Coaching
Areas of Interest/Specialties: Teams, leaders and individual consultation at work or in life; applying SCT in team and leadership development; design for leadership & organizational development

Maria Åkerlund Licensed Psychologist, MSc Member Since 2002

Disciplines: Organizational Consultant
Areas of Interest/Specialties: Industrial and organisational psychology in general and work teams in particular

Susan Beren Ph.D. Member Since 2004

Disciplines: Psychology
Areas of Interest/Specialties: SCT training and therapy groups, SCT consultation, individual psychotherapy; eating disorders; trauma; anxiety; depression

Katarina Billman MSc Member Since 2002

Areas of Interest/Specialties: Organizational psychologist (organizational change, team development, leadership development, creativity and innovation, conflict resolution); Individual consultation/therapy (life crisis, handling change, milder forms of anxiety, depression and grief)

Dayna Burnett Ph.D. Member Since 2004

Disciplines: Psychology

Claudia Byram Ph.D., CGP Member Since 1995

Disciplines: Psychology

Rick Campa Ph.D., CGP Member Since 1999

Disciplines: Psychology

Fran Carter MSS, LSW Member Since 1995

Rowena Davis MSc Member Since 2003

Disciplines: Organisational Consulting
Areas of Interest/Specialties: Applying SCT in organisations; coaching teams and individuals; SCT consultation; leading SCT training groups; SAVI training; workshop design

Jeffrey Eiberson Ph.D. Member Since 1995

Disciplines: Psychology
Areas of Interest/Specialties: Individual and couple therapy; anxiety, depression, OCD, LGBTQ issues. Most insurances accepted.

Erika Ekedal MSc Member Since 2002

Disciplines: Psychology

Dick Ganley Ph.D. Member Since 1995

Disciplines: Psychology
Areas of Interest/Specialties: Military Sexual Trauma and combat-related PTSD; currently working in Veteran's Administration and doing research

Susan Gantt Ph.D., ABPP, CGP, AGPA-DF, FAPA Member Since 1995

Disciplines: Psychology

Dorothy Gibbons LCSW, CGP Member Since 1997

Disciplines: Social Work

Ray Haddock MBChB, M.MedSc Member Since 1998

Disciplines: Medicine, Psychotherapy
Areas of Interest/Specialties: SCT training and consultation, SCT theory and Theory of Living Human Systems, applying theory and methods to understanding of and possible intervention in larger systems

Robert Hartford LICSW, LSCP, CGP Member Since 1998

Disciplines: Psychotherapy
Areas of Interest/Specialties: Sexual minorities, individuals, couples, groups; Coaching - organizational trainings & development

Nina Klebanoff Ed.M., LCSW, CGP Member Since 1995

Disciplines: Psychotherapy
Areas of Interest/Specialties: Individuals, couples and SCT process groups; Specialty: therapists, artists, couples, groups; monthly online SCT training group; In person, some zoom

Juliet Koprowska MSW Member Since 1996

Areas of Interest/Specialties: Introductory workshops, consultation, and a particular but by no means exclusive interest in working with fellow social workers, as individuals, groups or organisations. Willing to work anywhere in the UK or Europe, and online. Able to work in Italian as well as English.

Peter Kunneman Member Since 2009

Disciplines: Consulting
Areas of Interest/Specialties: Teamcoaching in organizations (Management Teams, Boards of Directors), conflict exploration in teams, combining self organization and SCT, using SCT to help organize for climate and environmental action

Susan Arnold Lange Ph.D. Member Since 1995

Disciplines: Psychology, Certified Yoga Teacher
Areas of Interest/Specialties: I specialize in career development to support people identifying skills and values that they want to use to generate the compensations they want. I train participants to intentionally network by being prepared to describe and behaviorally/credibly demonstrate timely and relevant information across contexts. I design and deliver workshops for groups in yoga communities and faith-based, spiritually-oriented communities. I have a 25-year yoga practice. I have been an active Psychologist, licensed by the state of Texas, for 38 years. I facilitate (since 2007) a four-hour monthly Systems-Centered Training Group for change agents: organizational development consultants, psychotherapists, faculty members, business owners, clinical pastoral care educators. Members of this group live in different cities. I work virtually. I live in Houston.

Janneke Maas MSc Member Since 2014

Disciplines: Organizational Coach

Annie MacIver BA, MA Member Since 2005

Disciplines: Social Work

Mike Maher MA, PGCE Member Since 2005

Disciplines: Psychotherapy & Organisational Consulting

Annick Nevejan MA, MSc Member Since 2012

Disciplines: Integral Trainer, Coach, Counsellor
Areas of Interest/Specialties: Individual, couples and SCT introduction and ongoing groups. Working in-person and online. Proficient in Dutch, English & French. My work integrates Buddhist and Western psychology, systems thinking, and neuroscience. Lead tutor and supervisor for the Mindfulness Association in UK and Europe, offering mindfulness, compassion and insight trainings and retreats. Co-founder Spiritual Ecology Netherlands.

Lotte Paans MSc Member Since 2010

Areas of Interest/Specialties: Individual therapy, coaching and consultation; OD, teamcoaching; SCT ongoing groups

Hella Ritz Drs. Member Since 2009

Disciplines: Organizational Consulting
Areas of Interest/Specialties: Specialized in OD-work: coaching Management teams and Boards of Directors. Doing online and in person consultation. SAVI certified trainer. Able to work in Dutch and English. Willing to work anywhere in the Netherlands, UK, Germany and online.

A. Meigs Ross M.Div., ACPE, LCSW-R Member Since 2003

Norma Safransky MD Member Since 2002

Disciplines: Psychiatry
Areas of Interest/Specialties: Anxiety and depression

Heather Twomey Ph.D. Member Since 1999

Disciplines: Clinical Psychology
Areas of Interest/Specialties: SCT group psychotherapy (online and in person), individuals, couples. Developing human systems that are conducive to growth. [PSYPACT - can treat patients from other states via tele-mental-health platforms.]

Sven-Erik Viskari MA Member Since 2001

Disciplines: Psychology

Rosalind Wood BSc (Hons), MBChB, MRCPsych Member Since 2011

Disciplines: Psychiatry
Areas of Interest/Specialties: General adult psychiatry, trauma, dissociative disorders, ADHD, UK healthcare systems