Keeping You Safe

The Steering Group is currently reviewing CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines to keep the Conference as safe as possible given the realities of Covid. These guidelines will be shared as we get closer to the Conference and review the data in Philadelphia.

We request that you be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 unless you have a medical exemption.

Deciding to hold the Conference in person
If you are curious about how decisions were made about holding the 2023 SCT Conference in person you can read about the process here.

Plans for the Conference location need to be made in the early summer for the following spring so that we can:

  • Reserve hotel space or online hosts
  • Let potential presenters know the context for their events

The Board of Directors made the decision in June 2022 that the 2023 Conference would be in person based on the following criteria:

  • COVID infections were largely declining
  • Vaccinations had become widely available
  • Given this shift in the larger world context, we decided to bring the Conference back in person, for the benefits of the in-person experience and the connections members make with one another within the containment of the larger conference systems.