SCT Conference 2023 Program

Pre-Conference Weekend Institute: Saturday and Sunday

  • Provides an excellent introduction to systems-centered training and an intensive training experience.
  • Offers attendees at all levels of training an opportunity to learn about themselves, systems, and groups in the unique environment built through SCT techniques.

Five-Day Conference: Monday - Friday
Morning Training Groups

Choose one Early Morning Training & one Late Morning Training OR choose one Full Morning Training. Please note the prerequisite and/or application requirements for the Intermediate & Advanced level trainings.

  • Experiential training groups at the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
  • Late morning Basics in SCT (previously called Drop-In Groups) focused on Foundation-level theory, skills and practice.
  • Late morning Intermediate and Advanced trainings focused on learning a particular skill.

Afternoon Workshops
Choose one each day Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri

  • Opportunities to focus on applying Systems-Centered Theory and methods in various contexts.
  • You can sample workshops or “specialize” by choosing to follow a track: Clinical, Organizational Development, Research, Education, SAVI, Theory & Basics or General Interest.

Large Group
At the end of each day from Sunday to Thursday (except Wednesday)

  • A conference-as-a-whole practicum that explores the conference experience using functional subgrouping.

A guide to the track numbers for each event:

100 Foundation
200 Open to All Levels
300 Intermediate
400 Intermediate/Advanced
500 Advanced

Pre-Conference Weekend Institute Saturday 9:00am - 5:30pm and Sunday 9:00am - 4:30pm

Five-Day Conference

The Five-Day Conference begins Sunday evening with a Welcome from Mike Maher, Director of SCTRI, at 4:45pm. Followed by Large Group 5:05 - 6:35pm

The Large Group continues Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4:20-5:50PM

Morning Training

Choose one Early Morning Training & one Late Morning Training, OR choose one Full Morning Training.

Early Morning Training: Monday - Friday 8:45-10:15

Late Morning Training: Monday - Friday 10:35-12:05

Choose one five-day training group OR one Basics in SCT each day

Basics in SCT

Basics in SCT (previously called Drop-In Groups) include the basic elements of SCT theory, skills and practice and are open to all levels. Choose one each day.

Intermediate / Advanced Training

Full Morning Training: Monday - Friday (start times vary)

Afternoon Workshops

Choose one workshop for each afternoon

Monday 2:00-4:00

Tuesday 2:00-4:00

Wednesday Afternoon Free -- Explore Philadelphia

Thursday 2:00-4:00

Friday 2:00-4:00