Basic Values

The Goal of Trademark Licensing: to maintain the integrity of SCT methods and to ensure their practice within the following values:

1. Respect for the dignity and worth of all human beings.

2. Respect for context: members’ behavior congruent with the norms of the environment and the norms of SCT.

3. Multi-level thinking: self-centering within a systems-centered context.

4. Empowerment of groups: authority residing with the group.

5. Decentralized authority: maximum local autonomy.

6. Commitment to develop a systems-centered environment: differences are discriminated and integrated in the service of the goal.

7. Creativity: to express our creativity, while affirming the creativity of others.

8.Open communication: communicating thoughts, feelings and concerns directly.

9. Diversity: no discriminatory behavior around race, ethnicity, culture, education, economic status, age, disability, religion, gender and sexual orientation.

10. Organizational integrity: strive to live our values, saying what we mean and being open to hearing others’ differences.

11. Accountability: quality service adjusted through an ongoing collaborative process with consumers.