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Call for Papers and Submission Guidelines

Theory, Research & Applications Section

The Newsletter Action Group invites authors to submit articles on the Theory of Living Human Systems, its applications, or research for publication. We are interested in your thoughts on any aspect of theory as it emerges, changes and grows. What do you find interesting? What moves you?

For the Application Section we are interested in how you have been applying the theory in your work. How is it going? What do you find especially helpful and with what population? What didn’t work or didn’t live up to your expectations? How would you do it differently next time?

In the area of Research we are looking for summaries of research that test hypotheses generated from the Theory of Living Human Systems or that evaluate the applicability of SCT methods in practice. What makes it interesting; why is it important; how does it add to the body of knowledge; and what next steps are suggested? Summaries of research should include hypotheses, a brief description of design, a statement of outcome and some discussion of findings. Provision of a reference to the full research study is recommended.

Submission Guidelines

Send as an attachment to an email requesting review. Double space and send in Rich Text Format (RTF) to enable computers to speak to one another. Length can be anywhere from 500 to 5000 words for articles. Summaries are expected to be brief descriptions of the study and announcements suitable for a newsletter. All submissions are to be in narrative form.

Font size:

Body of paper: Times New Roman, 12.

Main Title: Ariel  Bold Italic, 16;

Headings: Times New Roman, 12 bold

Graphics, charts, diagrams, etc.:

Submit camera ready. Kathy Lum ( has graciously agreed to act as resource person for this process.

Manual of Style Resource:

APA. Can be found at APA website at APA Style. All references are to be in this standard format.

Send all submissions to:

Ray Haddock

We look forward to working with you.

The Newsletter Action Group